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I was born in the UK in 1977 in East Yorkshire. After completing a degree in Fine Art,

specializing in Sculpture, at the University of Humberside and Lincolnshire,

I spent time traveling around South East Asia, Australasia and South America,

where I developed a passion for photography.

On my return I joined the NCTJ course in Sheffield, and on completion was offered a job at

South West News in Bristol. After two years of working for the agency in the Plymouth office,

I was offered a position at Getty Images in London.

I continue to work at Getty Images and am currently based in London, where I cover news

and features in and around the capital, and beyond. Assignment to date have taken me from

Knutsford to Nigeria, Dungeness to Dubai, and Snettisham to Sweden to name but a few .

I traveled to South Africa in 2010, where I covered the World Cup, and more recently to the Tunisian Libyan border, to document the lives of those effected by the ongoing trouble in Libya.

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  1. Hi do you have any other footage like this that I could potentially use in a short film i'm making. hopefully raw, unedited material?