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“Bel and the Boy” are an English/Spanish Pop romantic duo consisting of singer songwriter Belén Arjona and guitarist/songwriter John Lanigan.
The duo was conceived in Madrid Spain in 2007 where Belén had already established a solo artist career singing in Spanish, with 3 albums and a Latin Grammy nomination. After a chance meeting between the two at a concert in Madrid where John was playing guitar in a band from London, they decided to start working together.
John made the move from London to Madrid to start working seriously with Belén as a guitarist, playing with her throughout the next few years. During this time they started to collaborate in writing new songs in English, which was the preferred language of composition for the bilingual singer. Even though she is Spanish, she always started the writing process of her songs in English.
At the beginning of 2010 the duo started to create the beginnings of Bel and the Boy, gradually building up their repertoire of new songs. By the summer of that year they were already looking for a place to record while continually writing. In September of 2010 they started the pre-production with the multi-talented producer/musician Rubén Villanueva and by November they entered the studio to start recording.
The album was finally finished in February 2011. An album full of energy and atmosphere that takes you back and forth in time, with it’s tragic-romantic essence as well as flirting moments of rhythmical dance grooves.
The duo are now looking to release their first E.P digitally in Spain and the album later on in 2011 in Europe. With no boundaries in mind, Bel and the Boy are constantly seeking the live stage in any situation in any country, trying to reach as many people as possible with their music. The journey begins.

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