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I am an accomplished food and people photographer based in Seneca, SC. I started my career with blind luck , good timing and bad hangovers.
I was living in Atlanta, GA in the mid 90's after accidently finishing college and assisting many top photographers from all over the USA . my head bursting with knowledge and very little clue of the real world, living broke, eating a stable diet of grits and Campbells soup. I was ready to make the change to the professional realm.
Through a good friend and ad agency owner sitting at the Cheetah looking at beautiful women, came my first job with the Coca Cola Company.
6 years later I had been working with Coke steady, I had done work for McDonalds, Nascar, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, PBS, American Cancer Society, Delta Airlines,Home Banc, and more.
After 9/11 I held on through a shaky economy and decided to move to the country to raise my dog in a less hostile environment where he could run and play and we could actually drink the water from the spigot.
Currently I have a 5000 sq ft studio on 18 acres on beautiful Lake Keowee, and I shoot on location as well.

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