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Portland, Oregon electronic duo, Ethereal and the Queer Show is made up of two singer/songwriters, Daniel Hill and Juliana Dieterich who came together in 2008 over shared passions for freedom of spirit during their early years living in Denton, Texas.

Through revelations and visions from the dreamworld, Daniel and Juliana founded Ethereal and the Queer Show. They don't create to humor the egos of the world but to only serve as vessels for the heavens. Ethereal fuses kraut influenced synth, laced in deep sea arpeggiations that pumps and echoes of pop running through its veins.

Their upcoming LP "Cosmotopia" out October 30th will be available digitally and on limited edition tape via Dallas imprint, Pour Le Corps Records, home to electronic gurus, Tassels and Xander Harris.

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