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I'm an artist from Germany specialized in creating entertainment art.

I'm working as a professional artist in the game biz since 1999. I do everything from thumbnails, pixel graphics, pixel animations, concept art, character design, environment design, storyboards, illustrations, digital paintings to 3D modeling, texturing and animation.

Some of the PC games I've worked on are Lula3D, Far West and Railroad Pioneer. Some of the mobile games I've worked on as a lead artist: Ancient Ruins, Space Guerrillas, Pirates Ahoy, Townsmen 2, Townsmen 3 (this game got 14 awards with graphics done 100% by me), Townsmen Racing, Flitzer, Glory of the Roman Empire, Funky Monkey, My Model Train... and many many more.

Beside my job as a game-artist I'm working in comics. I'm the artist and co-creator of the creator owned science-fiction comic 'Alpha Bettie' which is written by former IDW-editor Dan Taylor and I'm working for the US publisher Papercutz and Jim Salicrup on the new Tales from the Crypt comics. My actual comic project is the mini-series "It came from beneath the sea... again!" for the Ray Harryhausen line from Bluewater Productions Inc. It is the comic sequel to the 1955 monster movie.

I'm also working as an author on different game- and art-related workshops for magazines like the 3D magazine 'Creative Live' and the biggest German game developer magazine 'Making Games' and I'm teaching a course at the University Of Applied Sciences in Wuerzburg about '3D modeling and animation'.

In April 2007 I quit my job to work as a freelance artist in comics and illustration full time.

More about me and my current projects you can find at

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