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San Francisco, CA

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White Walls, Shooting Gallery and 941 Geary are all exhibition spaces dedicated to artists and projects of cultural distinction contributing to the landscape of contemporary art.

Art is constantly evolving to reflect culturally diverse subject matters, artist backgrounds, and the contemporary political climate. White Walls aims to bring this new urban art to everyone in the community, not just to the fine art connoisseurs. By showcasing culturally significant works, White Walls, Shooting Gallery and 941 Geary elevate street-based art to fine art. Urban art carries an edgy, raw feeling that comes from a lack of boundaries. This creates extraordinary freedom of expression and creativity: with no limits, anything can happen.

We are proud to continue showcasing the most progressive artists working today. The aesthetic and conceptual quality of work shown has earned us a vital role in the contemporary art market- one we embrace wholeheartedly.

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