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Los Angeles, CA

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I am a graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging where I studied animation, video, and sound design. Our main focus primarily lies in story-telling through visuals and sound while also practicing the fundamentals of animation in both traditional and electronic mediums.

As a hard worker who is not afraid to try something new, I am always up for a challenge and willing to learn alternative, more efficient methods of completing a task.

I am a lover of eSports, primarily Starcraft, and hope to one day work in the video game industry as either an in-game modeler or animator. Hayao Miyazaki, Pixar, and Shigeru Miyamoto are some of my influences that have led me to this field. I hope to one day make an impact in the media by working on a game that really pushes the boundaries of story-telling and gameplay.

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