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  1. and to add also the latest video's from staff picks have this issue when HD is turned off.
  2. correction, for this video it only has the distortion when HD is turned OFF vimeo.com/53837843
  3. also i uploaded this video which is according to vimeo format standards and has the issue as well https://vimeo.com/53837843 regards, Rob
  4. I have this problem on windows, not sure it is the same on Mac, please try, but i have this problem also on video's uploaded about a year ago perhaps you can test the re-encoded video in chrome without the vimeo-player when i test the source video…
  5. Does this happen strictly on a Windows computer or also on a Mac? I'm viewing your videos in Chrome on my Windows and I can't seem to replicate your issue. If you'd like, I could try to re-encode that video to see if that makes a difference, though…
  6. All of my videos are compressed to precisely your recommended settings and I have this problem on ALL of them. Again, this is in the latest version of Chrome and happens both when using Flash and HTML 5 player. It is also happening on all of my embedded…
  7. Can you try compressing your video according to our recommended settings and see if that helps?