Maja Bogaczewicz

Munich, Germany

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Hi everybody!
This is Maja from thenewfilmmaker. If you fancy sharing your thoughts upon filmmaking and/or giving an interview about your film works, please contact me @ vimeo!

Unfortunately I'm a natural born critic :) - very often simply wishing to be reborn as a dolphin. I value the contemplative silence of my painter's atelier over human affairs but sometimes just unwillingly being pushed on the top of barricade where have to struggle with arrogance of Western mind and 'indefinity' of the East. I'm constantly fighting some small battles just to find out that sometimes the only way to win is to forget about it :).

-- first and foremost a fine artist: I make intaglios, draw & paint with oils (see my graphic works in an internet art gallery @
-- a camerawoman
-- a storyboard author
-- an art teacher
-- a museum guide
-- also writing from time to time :)
-- hobbies: photography, trekking, cooking & talking with friends about things that matter :)

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