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  1. Heather Garland & Walter Burks

    Heather Garland & Walter Burks North Carolina


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    Heather - http://heathergarland.com I am a professional photographer located in North Carolina. These videos are usually just random bits of my life I wanted to capture, along with some videos of my business & behind the scenes! Walter - http://walterburks.com I am a musician living in North Carolina.…

  2. A Bryan Photo

    A Bryan Photo Plus the south


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    I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer servicing the South. We love making videos of all kinds and that is why we have a Vimeo page.

  3. the becker

    the becker the OC


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    I am a wedding photographer from Southern California. I also am trying to become and semi professional poker player. I also like to help and teach other photographers and small business owners how to run a more successful business.

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