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Amro Helmy completed 18 years old when he done his first feature documentary film “Black Samurai – Global Footprint” as Co-director with Wayne Erwin Brown. Amro started to use his talent by doing small funny videos with family and friends. He has completed five short films, four of them were in the “Movies in Motion” competition with sponsorship by “New York Film Academy” (NYFA) Abu Dhabi, UAE, which one of his movies arrived to the top ten and was shown on TV screen. In addition, he has around 15 projects of creating and editing introductions.

Amro Helmy is studying Filmmaking at New York Film Academy, Los Angeles at the Universal Studios location.

About my hobby and film interest of Amro are film related. His passion is creating films, where sometimes he can’t sleep at night because he has film ideas. After going to the Emirates Palace nearly every day for the Middle East Film Festival, he became certain that his destiny is to make films and to one day have his movies in film festivals. In his own words, “My dream is to have my movies seen by millions of people! I believe this can happen. “


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