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Live on the south coast in Brighton,just a guy that loves city life,when time and weather permitting i like to stroll down to our local nudist beach.I am a creative artist,working in fine art,restoration,sculpture,i love finding old tacky furniture and turning it into shabby chic.I have been asked a number of times why havent you uploaded any clips,well for a start ive got an hard task master with some of you guys that post videos,and being an artist i dont want to waste peoples time by sending clips of me taking a leek or washing my armpits thats too boring,unless the clip contains tasks activities of interest and movement that one can appreciate ,some of the work ive seen so far has been amazing which i envy,it certainly has given me a goal to inspire,as a fine artist i work in oils and water colure and within the future will post videos of my work from my studio,so please as i am a naturist i dont feel i am under pressure to prove it !!!!BEST WISHES TO ALL,,,,AND CARRY ON POSTING YOUR AMAZING WORK


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