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Amber Melody is a singer-songwriter/producer from the U.K. At the young age of 5 Amber began singing and making up songs. Amber grew up with a strong passion for music and poetry, which helped her survive some tough times during a difficult upbringing. Ms. Melody started recording at age 12 and knew there was nothing else she wanted to do. Amber was told in school she was a daydreamer, that music should be a past time not a job, but she still decided to leave her education at age 15 to pursue her love of music. Amber gained management and started working with London based producers including her older brother, Jess Jackson. Pete Townsend (The Who) published some of her and her brother’s music to his BMG label. Amber moved around London pursuing her love of making music. Amber’s life took some turns in the UK, Eventually Amber packed her bags and headed to America where she continued to work with her brother developing her music. During a demo agreement with Interscope Records, Amber began working with producers around town in Los Angeles. Amber soon set up her own band and creative individuals she calls her team. Amber began producing and refining her sound herself, the way she saw it. While writing and producing her own music, Amber started to write for other artists. Amber is undoubtedly passionate about what she does. Amber plays a part in every element of her project. (She often writes the lyrics, produces the music, mixes the song, makes the video and cooks for everyone on set.) She can usually be found in the studio all hours of the day and night working ‘round the clock. Amber is a fashionista, often creating her own clothes making her own style as unique as her sound. Amber would call herself a struggling artist, she smiles and shrugs that she’s nothing but a broke poet with a love for art… but since being in L.A. Amber’s music is taking her far and she’s steadily gaining fans.

Amber’s music has been featured in some award winning Indie Films and gained over 600,000 online downloads. Amber has collaborated with many known talented artists and producers through Europe and the US. Her colorful music has caught this feisty underground girl some attention. Her love for all genres of music has helped create a contrasted sound of electro meets organic. Ms Melody’s lyrics are real and dark. When asked why she uses explicit lyrics in her songs, she says, “I swear from time to time, so why not? I’m a polite individual but words are just words. I don’t want to censor my mind.” She is currently working on awesome music with her team & “fucking shit up” (in a good way).

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