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I'm David Ursell. A 27yr old from the UK with a degree in cell biology. I've been power kiting since 1995 with my speciality being Landboarding. I also buggy and kitesurf.

Since I flew my first power kite I've been hooked. The power, the kites produced was exhilarating and I wanted, straight away to have more power. As soon as I started jumping I needed to jump higher and start trying out tricks. Not a lot changed since those first experiences, I still want to go higher with every session, for many years my only kite was a 20m C-shape!

I started out flying Flexifoil 6ft stackers, moved to Blades, I then got a kite buggy which I used most evenings with my 3.3 MKI Blade, later I started Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing, learning both with my Blade 7.2m. I learnt to kitesurf with a 6ft surfboard and my Blade, I had neither a harness or wetsuit at the time, crashing wasn't an option so learning was quick!

I love to make videos and take pictures, some of my “PUSH Kiting” videos can be seen at myspace.com/davidursell and kitefreestyle.com shows other Kiteboarding videos I am involved with.

I also run pushkiting.co.uk where I teach kiting to anyone and everyone at all levels.

Kiting is such a dynamic sport with so many possibilities and so much potential it can be enjoyed by everyone on some level.

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