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Mexico city

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Miguel Angel Cañizo was born in Mexico City, where he developed an interest in music since childhood. At 4 years he began to play the piano and at 7 years, he joined the Ollin Yoliztli (Musical Launching School).

During 1994 he studied at the Superior College of Music, composition and classical guitar with the teacher Ernesto Griego de Leon, and later in 1996 he returned to the Ollin Yoliztli to study with the teacher Manuel Gonzales piano & interpretation.

In 1999 he began to work professionally as a freelancer for one of the largest television channels in Mexico and a wide range of international clients.

Miguel Angel Cañizo composed the themes of the miniseries "Ni Una Vez Más" and "Tan Infinito Como El Desierto", the theme from "Hechos de la Mañana" (Channel 7 Mexico), he participated as composer of the music used in the soap opera "The Juanas " and an outnumbered of items used as library music for various productions. In 2004, he did the audio restoration of the awarded documentary "Voces de la Guerrero" and in 2006 wrote an important part of the orchestral music used in the film "Propiedad Agena" directed by Luis Velez.

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