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Prince Enoki’s Insect Orchestra is a 9 piece afro-space-jazz ensemble, led by me: bassist and throat-singer Scott Peterson. Inspired by worldwide indigenous music and the earth’s natural soundscapes, the Insect Orchestra takes listeners from Asia to the Amazon, with a stop in Africa along the way. Amazonian grass bundle, glass bottles and tambouras blend with upright bass, overtone singing, interlocking guitars, deep drums, percussion, tuba & baritone saxophone to evoke long nights in a smoky jungle.

Scott Peterson-Bass/Mbira/Voice

Isla Craig- Voice

Peter Lutek- Contra-alto Clarinet/Bari Sax/Clarinet

Jay Hay- Bari Sax/Flute

Jay Burr- Tuba

Matt Dunn- Banjo/Percussion

Colin Fisher- Guitar/Guzheng/Percussion

Brandon Valdivia- Percussion

Kieran Adams- Drums

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