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Sony NEX-FS100 Owner Operator

Available for Main Unit, Second Unit or Dailies.

Experienced DOP, Camera Operator and Final Cut Pro Editor.

DOPs worked with include the late Paul Beeson BSC, Paul Wheeler BSC and Alan Trow BSC.

Experienced with "High end" Cameras such as Epic, Red and Arri Alexa.

As a DOP I have good connections with Panalux.

I have many years experience working in the Camera Department and am experienced with both film (16mm, Super 16, 35mm) and Video (both Digital (inc: HDCAM & Viper) and Analogue) and file based formats (including Red and Arri Alexa) and video DSLRs such as the Canon 5D Mk II..

I can provide a Super 16 Arri SRII Camera plus full Camera and Lighting crew.

I own a Sony HVR-V1E HDV Camcorder which, as well as recording HDV internally, can record full HD (including uncompressed and all forms of Proress) when linked to a Nanoflash, Ki Pro, Ki Pro Mini or Ninja. It can also use 35mm lenses when used with an adaptor. I also own a Sony DSR PD 170p DVCAM Camcorder.

As an Operator I have experience of using both fluid and geared Heads (including O'Conner, Ronford and Arri). I have worked off of dollies, jibs, Snake Arms etc and have experience of remote heads, both on jibs and cranes, and Motion Control (soft wheel rigs). I have also worked off the back of tracking vehicles and am Steadicam trained.

As an Editor I have many years experience editing productions on Final Cut Pro.

Red Camera Operator.

I have experience of Blue Screen.

I have experience of 3D rigs, both "beam splitter" and "side by side."

I am familiar with most 35mm adapters.

If you are shooting HDV, I can provide a second camera (in addition to my own), plus Operator. I can provide full Camera Crew who are trained to use both film(both 16mm and 35mm), tape (including Digibeta and HD) and 4K digital (Red Camera/ Arri Alexa).

I have a long association with a gaffer who freelances for Panalux, an association which has, in the past, resulted in me being able to get lighting equipment at very reasonable rates.

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