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Black Saturn hails from the DMV(District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia).In 2006,he debuted with his self-released EP,Birds in the Morning.Since that time his experimental,hiphop,industrial,noise and dub influenced sound has graced numerous pod casts,collaborations,net labels,and radio airwaves. In 2012 Black Saturn released his autobiographical album of life lessons “Ned Jackson is my Little Brother”(ALRN030).Described in a Foxy Digitalis review by Chris Trowell ‘as a financial crisis Sun-RA; folk wisdom eccentricities merged with interplanetary black consciousness and bleak recession era urban reality’. Making his second appearance at the experi-Mental Festival 4 (Brooklyn,Ny).Accompanied on stage by dancer Jillanna Richcrick,Black Saturn’s performance of tracks off of “Ned Jackson is my Little Brother“(ALRN030) for the first time in front of an audience drew a generous response in donations after his set.Joining the hiphop/concrete/dub/industrial project of Nyko Esterle “Ripit” & Jonathan Uliel “HHY” from Belgium/Portugal known as Fujako. Brought further attention to “Ned Jackson is my Little Brother”(ALRN030).On they’re Oct/Nov European tour billed as”Fujako feat…m.c. Black Saturn. With tour dates in France,Italy,Austria,Germany,Switzerland & Belgium.Opening for underground music heavy hitters, hiphop veteran Sensational of “Jungle Brothers” &” Wordsound Recordings” fame at the Small but Hard Label showcase in Berlin. And Death Grips in Brussels at Magasin 4. Black Saturn is also known for his collaborative effort’s with, Kansas City,Mo based musician Christophe Gilmore(FluiD).Together they are known as Black Saturn vs. Subduxtion and have multiple releases available on Alrealon Musique.Their releases received very favorable reviews as well as extensive airplay in North America and Europe.In 2010, the duo did a brief string of preformances in the US; culminating in their appearance at Noise Shock:Abstract Art and Music Festival (East Moline,IL). Appearing on the critically acclaimed FluiD CD,“Envisioning Abstraction:the Duality of FluiD“(ALRN008).And contributing to the New York experimentalists PAS Alrealon Musique release “Reconstruction” with vocals & video.Are two of Black Saturn’s most notable collaborations. His most recent activities in 2013 include.Collaborating with[owt kri] on his new release The New Seed(ALRN041).And providing the word sound for the online collaboration project Omega Dub Experience( of the Figtree is the title of Black Saturn’s new project for 2013 a release date has yet to be named.

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