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I've been writing, producing, editing and directing long and short form videos for years with help from many friends in the deep talent pool here in the Twin Cities.

This page contains a number of short pieces, including a commercial for Pepito's and the Parkway Theater, and several scenes for a feature-length film version of Joe Minjares's hit play, The King of the Kosher Grocers, based on a real store near Joe's home when he was a boy. The play was staged around the midwest, and at San Diego's Globe Theater. Samuel French published it and it has had many revival stagings here and elsewhere.

Take a look around, if you wish. Cobra in my profile is a genuine 289 model owned by a friend on the East Coast. He was kind enough to allow me not only to sit in it, but to take my wife for a drive, too! --And yeah, if you're old enough to know what a Cobra is, it's all that!


Kris Palmer