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They say even as a child he liked cartoons.

Olly Reid is the director of Bristol based animation production company Hot Head Films.

Olly started out by directing adverts at Aardman animations, like the “Floaty Light” Quavers ad. That was back in 1995 before computers were even dreamt of. In 1997 he set up a company with fellow director Paul Smith – Thumbs Up Productions. It specialised in cutting edge model animation, but not, it turned out, in cutting edge accounting. After the financial dust settled he bought a computer and set out to become a freelance director.
Most of his subsequent work has been with the great Passion Pictures. Where he’s directed a variety of things, including a video for Robbie Williams in 2001, several nice ads - like the Milk NDC ones in 2002, and more recently the Panda pop ad.
In 2004 he won the E4 stings competition, and has happily continued working with them making stings ever since, many of which can be viewed here. He has several short films in development, that may hopefully see the light of day sooner or later…

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