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Whitehouse is the duet production group created by Lukasz Laskowski and Tomasz Janiszewski in 1997.Wh produces music to TV and radio commercials also deals with creating music to films and provides sound layout to web sites. They specialize in everything that is connected with audio production. Whitehouse provides complex sound production ,from large data of voices to various sound samples.Wh produced over 200 tracks for local mucis scene, they also cooperated with some foreign artist from usa and france. Recent works of Whitehouse studio is available on the album "Oddycham smogiem "(Janiszewski & Smektała /maly72) or "Wyspiański wyzwala" in the song with novika produced by L.A.(Laskowski).Currently the group is working on the album related to polish poets and their lyrics performed by polish artists.


  1. spaso
  2. Jen Sheroky
  3. Florian Malak