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Venice, CA

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Warm Brew got a harder work ethic than Tiffany Taylor selling Girl Scout cookies and bean pies off the 405. Mobbing straight past her in a drop top Continental, Espy’s at the wheel. Serk Spliff and Baby Boy Manu Li in the back seat, and it’s Ray Wright riding shotgun. Puffing smoke up at the Cali sun, there’s no “June gloom” in Warm Brew’s Los Angeles. Fuck what’s on the radio, their iTunes blast through the speakers. From The Clash, to Hi-C and DJ Quik, to Stevie Nicks, and Mos Def, their playlist is all over the map. Espy’s foot to the gas, weaving through the ruthless LA traffic. The fearsome foursome writes rhymes, produce their own beats, and keep the party going…but that’s just the day job.




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