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Instant Theatre Company has been producing improvisational theatre in Vancouver, BC since 1994. The company has a wide scope and broad artistic vision as we have learned from (and continue to learn from) many of the great teachers and producers in the field. We work in both short and long format improv, and in both structured and freestyle techniques.
In the nearly twenty years we’ve operated, a lot has changed within the world of improvisational theatre. Instant Theatre Company has both experienced that change and has created some of it, too. By spending time on the road across North America and in Europe, as well as here at home, the company and its Artistic Director Alistair Cook have developed a great blend of styles and a non-exclusionary perspective on how to teach improvisation.
Aside from our regular Classes and Shows, we also produce the Young and the Spontaneous series every year and the Vancouver International Improv Festival every October.
We are proud to be a leader in Vancouver’s alternative improv community and your best choice for training in improvisational theatre. We welcome students and guests from across the world. Join us.

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