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BIG movies for the small screen, filmed entirely within the Second Life virtual world. An emerging media tribute to the Silver Screen, Cinema Minima productions are a labour of love, not commercial ventures.


  1. Page Films
  2. Teton Gravity Research
  3. Glasz DeCuir
  4. kibishipaul
  5. Tutsy Navarathna
  6. Gumbo Productions
  7. Pooky Media
  8. Laurina Hawks
  9. Toxic Menges
  10. Erythro Asimov
  11. Ian Chisholm
  12. Leandro Copperfield
  13. Nathan Kaso
  14. Vilvi
  15. VimPickens
  16. Larkworthy Antfarm
  17. Sepp Schimmer
  18. Andre L

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