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My films;

All the films you see on this channel were filmed and edited by Madison Stewart from age 14 to age 20, they were made to create a movement to stop legal shark fishing inside the Great barrer Reef :send your letter to help sharks:


I began to scuba dive at age 11, and by the time I was 14 years old, the sharks I knew and loved and grew up with since the age of 12 had been stripped from the Great Barrier Reef and reduced to a mere few at the hands of unjustified harvesting inside the marine park by commercial gill net vessels approved by the Australian government. I learnt very quickly how easily change can occur, and how conservation was not an option for me, but a necessity, and an obligation to the creatures and the oceans I love… but to be a child who wants to make a difference is not easy, and I needed a way to be heard, this is when I started to make films.

My films are the medium is use, I stress that I am not an activist, or a conservationist, or a environmentalist, I am a mere person who sees an injustice and speaks up, and everyone has the potential to do the same. These films were created to spark that desire in people, and rid the fear for creatures like sharks that prevents them form doing so.

To this day films are my chosen and most successful medium in the fight for sharks. Films are an extension of my mind, the only way I can convey the same emotions I have for the creatures and places featured in the films, I didn’t start making them because of any particular love of filming, or of editing, I made them because I was desperate to raise a message through a mass of people who could help me, and I hope the same form of passion is put into every film I have made since then. I was losing what I loved most, my way of stopping it, was filmmaking. I believe we are the presence of environmental change, and thus it is necessary to start a revolution to accommodate that.

I edit on iMovie, the footage in these films I have been collecting since the age of 14. They are a mixture of gopro, EX-1 and 7d footage, I myself have been shooting on the same HC-9 tape recorder since I was, and started making terrible films that I thought were just awesome- and to this day still improving. I have worked for independent film companies, had footage used in television productions and by conservation groups, and worked filming underwater for the discovery channel.

During the filming;

In my short lifetime of work filming sharks, I have numerous scratches on my glass lense and surrounding housing, my filming equipment has been in the mouth of a tiger shark in three separate occasions now, and in addition to being chased by turtles, equipment malfunction, decompression sickness and just plain crazy animal interactions, filming has given me a whole new purpose underwater, and with it what seems to be a mutual agreement with the sharks, who often line up to be filmed. Chasing certain spectacles and gatherings of some of the oceans most revered creatures has proved an adventure and also very straining. I hope you enjoy them.

You can contact me at

Or watch the documentary made about me to be released on television here in Australian and other countries overseas 'shark girl' (released early 2014).

Bragging rights
winner 'Best conservation message' Beneath the waves film festival,
winner Byron bay youth film festival.
Finalist 'Roxy- how i dare myself' competition


  1. C&I Studios
  2. Plainly Simple Studios
  3. Daniel Hayek
  4. Ricardo Cordeiro
  5. Maurice Spees - Earthkeeper
  6. Turtle Danger Productions
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