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Oshkosh, WI

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Wisconsin skateboarding, both downhill and otherwise. We also support Wisconsin artists of the musical and visual varieties. We are affiliated with Dubs Longboards, Black SQURL Skate, and Streets of Fire Skate Studio. Crack a cold PBR, throw on your oldest, most tattered Brewers cap, and watch some rad humans shred.

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  • Shrednecks Media - Formerly Downhillbillies Media, still shredding Wisco's raddest hills.


  1. JDH
  2. NoCoast Skate
  3. Tired Gang
  4. Valhalla Longboards
  5. Black Squrl Skate
  6. Luke Schwecke
  7. Fernando Yuppie
  8. Yvon Labarthe
  9. Bombsquad Longboarding
  10. Liam Morgan
  12. EyeHandy
  13. DKLB
  14. Arbor Collective
  15. Nelson Longboards
  16. Shoreline Longboarders
  17. MoBo Longboarding