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Eileen Anglin award winning Angelic Energy Artist , Angel Channel, angel empowerment life coach, and Angelic Light Ray Master Healer whose life’s work is to create art, products and teaching people to connect to the Divine in their daily life and strengthening their connection to the angels.

Her work reflects the power of transformation, healing and inspiration
from our connection to Divine Source and our spiritual connection to Nature and

Eileen is a internationally recognized angelic energy healer. Her healing
work has appeared in books, TV, radio and has won awards for her work with
angels. Her popular column Ask an Angel is read world-wide.

Personal Stuff:
I love my husband, my animals,the cottage home we lovingly call "The Hermitage" that is full of the presence of Nature and angelic energies, my gardens (The Gardens of 333) and my friends and family. My hobbies include painting, gardening, perfume, cooking, baking, herbs and PC gaming.

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