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  1. Tim Hamer
  2. Harvest Bible Chapel York Region

    Harvest Bible Chapel York Region PRO Markham, Ontario


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    At Harvest it is our passion to exalt the name of Jesus Christ in everything. If you are seeking a place where worship is genuine and alive, and where the Word of God is taught boldly and accurately as it is meant to be, then Harvest is the place for you. Our mandate and desire is to fulfill the Great…

  3. Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport
  4. Joshua Seller
  5. Harvest Bible Chapel

    Harvest Bible Chapel PRO Oakville, ON


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    The focus of the ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel is to honour God by fulfilling the mission the Lord gave His followers to make disciples, baptize the disciples and teach them to follow His ways. Matthew 28:19-20 Our obedience to the Lord's command is revealed in our lives as we worship Christ,…

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