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My passion for photography began as a child. I do not recall at what age but it seems as though I always had a camera at hand. My first camera used 110 film. From those early years forward,I have enjoyed capturing candid moments.

When I turned 15, my parents gave me a Vivitar 35mm SLR. It had one lens and a flash (which I still have). I was so excited. In the 11th grade I attended an after school program on photography at a local vocational school. After high school, I sold my Vivitar to my dad and purchased a Nikon 2000n. Once in College, I took a year of Black & White photography. It taught me a great deal about composition and %u201Cseeing%u201D the pictures. The photography classes soon became too expensive so I moved forward with my second passion: computers.

I have never stopped taking pictures. I got a lot of use out of that Nikon 2000 before going digital in 2001. Taking pictures in digital took on a whole new level for me. The number images I captured grew. Not having to worry about 24 or 36 exposures was just awesome. I found myself taking pictures at different events and giving the host slideshows and movies, as well as images, of each event. In 2007, a friend asked me to video his parents 50th anniversary. I loved it. Capturing moments that can be viewed and remembered for years to come, eliciting those same wonderful emotions.

My passion is capturing moments in photography and video: Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements, Maternity, Newborn, Families, and Seniors. As I hold that camera, I see memories just waiting to be captured. Rest in the knowledge that you will have reflections of those memories for a life time.
Calvin Hill, Professional Photographer, Member of APPA

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