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Krisdy Shindler is a visual artist, currently based in Vancouver Canada. She received her BFA from Emily Carr University in 2001 and her Masters of Fine Arts from The Glasgow School of Art in 2006. From the beginning, Shindler’s practice has been centered around painting; the medium & material, the skill & technique, along with its vast historical context and legacy. Her animate works, which utilize the platform of the moving-image, aim to address the traditional archetypes and rhetorics of Painting. The oily gestures of paint in action bring a new narrative to the genre, suggesting alternative ways of viewing the practice of painting both currently and historically.

Krisdy Shindler’s work has been exhibited in Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands, Israel, New York, and across the UK, Wales, and Scotland. Recent exhibitions include ‘A Functional Dreamworld’ at Art Cube in Jerusalem, ‘When a Painting Moves, Something Must be Rotten’ at The Stenersenmuseet in Oslo, ‘Espiritu de Epoca~ Collection of Ofelia Martin and Javier Nunez’ at MIAC Lanzarote in the Canary Isl, ‘The Rhetorics of Patriotism’ at The Cobra Museum in Amsterdam, and ‘Cut & Paste’ at Equinox Gallery in Vancouver.

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