Solo(s) Project House

Newark, New Jersey

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About The Solo(s) Project House:

The Solo(s) Project House is a project space dedicated to showcasing and elevating creative individuals or groups that produce as one. It acts as “house” for artists providing unique studio space, as well as a creative atmosphere where they can interact with each other and produce art.

The space was graciously provided by Sunrise Newark Development, with the assistance of Squarefoot Reality. Currently the space is occupied by: Anthony Alvarez, Ibrahim Ahmed III, Marc D’Agusto, Katrina Bello, Derick Charles Brewer, Raphael Bernadin, John Carraby, Phil da Silva, Samer Fouad, Arlene Kaczka, Rebecca Jampol, Josh Knoblick, Kylie Lefkowitz, Linda Pace, Promote Newark Studios, Ismael Sanchez, Zellie Thomas, Marie Thompson and Corin Wright.

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