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Toby & Pete are multidisciplinary creative directors with roots in photo-illustration, CGI imagery and typography. The two friends have quickly expanded their fun and polished aesthetic across other creative crafts, producing and directing music videos, animations, installations, and creative direction for live music concerts.

The pair approach each project not bound to any particular method or medium. As much as they love new, digital technologies, they also get their hands dirty building sets, props and have even been known to wield an angle grinder.

In the space of only three short years, Toby & Pete have been awarded a D&AD (InBook, 2012), a London International Award (Silver, 2012), three AWARDS (Australia, 2010-12), InTheMix Dance Music Award (Best Live Act – Flume, 2013) and have been nominated for an ARIA (Best Live Act, 2013) for their work with Flume.

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