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MOr La PeAcH

Two 'Hair-Balls' on a musical journey ! Sometimes we play gigs. Sometimes we log ourself in the studio producing music for film and advertisement. We like adventures and the fact to never know what`s coming up next.

Nature Machine1… Worlds collide creating a new hybrid from a mixture of organic and inorganic elements.

Mor La Peach are a new band based in Berlin and Amsterdam.
Sandra Goltz from Berlin is the singer and composer.
K based in Amsterdam is the producer and composer.

What started out as the trip hop/pop group ‘Morlabeatz’ have evolved into something a lot less easy to define, a mixture of natural and electronic sounds combined with classical and experimental song structures have changed their name to ‘Mor La Peach’.
Mor La Peach blend disparate styles creating music that has no specific style … you could say it’s a genre called ‘everything’.
‘Starships’ received a lot of airplay on some of Germany’s biggest radio stations. The song opened up a lot of doors for ‘Mor La Peach’ and due to its relative success has created a lot of opportunities for the group. As the opening act for Dover at the Lido and at the Fritz Radio ‘Night of Talent’ in Berlin, they were able to show that they could perform live and entertain an audience. They were featured band on Fritz Radio’s ‘High Noon’ show performing live. They have also been invited to the Berlin Fashion Week to supply the live music for ‘Kilian Kerners’ fashion show as well as composing the song ‘Savages’ for his new summer collection and promotion film. Check out (Kilian Kerner Show) and have a listen.
All this has happened in just a few months. ‘Starships’ was just the beginning and ‘Mor La Peach’ are currently working on their next release ‘Star Biscuits’ which is the featured song from their first six track EP ‘Nature Machine1’.

Mor La Peach can be found growing at the following

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