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Originally from Germany, I moved to Montreal in 2004 to study Film Production at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University. During my studies I focused on the art of the image and took several cinematography workshops, such as the “Budapest Cinematography Masterclass” with Vilmos Zsigmond,A.S.C. In April 2007 I started working as a freelance Director of Photography and have been working in that field ever since.
My work was nominated for "Best Cinematography" and "Best Film" at the “YoungCuts Film Festival Montréal/Toronto” and has been shown at numerous festivals, such as the "Foursite Film Festival" in Salt Lake City, Utah, “Festival du Court-Métrage de Bruxelles“, Belgium, “Wisconsin Film Festival”, USA and several festivals in Montreal and Québec area such as ”Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québecois”, “Fantasia Film Festival” and “Festival des Film du Monde”.
I also produce and direct my own films and my first documentary won “Best Documentary” at the “Regina Film and Video Student Society Festival in 2007”. During my film school years, I won the "Location Michel Trudel Award" and in 2010 I earned the Astral Media Scholarship for the Hot Docs Documentary Festival Toronto.
I want to get more into directing and am currently in post-production of my 1. feature length documentary "Musically Medicated".

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