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Pia is a Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
Since 1999 she has collaborated with well known graphic and motion studios such as Bridger/Conway, Superestudio and Punga Visual consorcio as art director for numerous campaigns for major brands such as Mtv, AXN, Discovery Channel Europe, Mun2, Brahma, Coca Cola, Zune, Chemical Brothers, Nike and VH1 among others.

Her work can be so varied that she has also worked with prestigious photographers, hotels, Tv. Hostess, sport personalities, and has designed record covers for various artists as well.

Her work was featured in several publications, such as Stash media (USA) and the prestigious Pictoplasma Book (Germany).

She also did art exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica. She was invited to be part of The Selection of up-coming talents in Puro diseño fair in Buenos Aires, where she presented a series of illustrated lamps.

Pia is nowadays working as an independent Artist and Art Director.

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