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Kevin K. Shah is an Indian-American artist-entrepreneur and partner and co-founder of Sabi Company. He is a writer, director and producer of major motion picture theatrical/interactive/home entertainment campaigns, branded entertainment, interactive social games and mobile & app-based content. In addition to producing several award-winning independent feature films, documentaries, and shorts, Kevin has produced on-set content and games for several studios on major motion picture marketing campaigns including: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, The Last Airbender, Milk, Good Night & Good Luck, Wedding Crashers, The Happening & Lady in the Water.

He is Master of Fine Arts Honors Grad from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, and brings to Mythos Entertainment over 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry ranging from marketing executive, to transmedia-unit producer, to Facebook game designer for studio IP’s.

For the past 5 years Kevin has been CEO of The Sabi Company, an interactive film, television, music, gaming and transmedia production studio with long time friend and creative partner Zak Forsman and their team of writers, directors, producers, designers and artists. He’s written a variety of scripts, produced dozens of studio and network/cable behind-the-scenes and making-of documentaries, and produced a handful of independent feature films he finds deeply meaningful. Over the years, he has also helped make several web series, international documentaries, published poetry, photography and creative fiction in various literary magazines.

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