Benjamin Warfield

Philadelphia, PA

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I balance my time between crafting, recording and performing music for films, galleries and video games while contributing to the scientific research and operations of an academic neuroscience laboratory.

As a sound artist and musician I'm currently working with the Philadelphia label and art collective Data Garden, the artist and filmmaker David Scott Kessler and the band The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra. I'm also developing music for commercial projects including the successfully-kickstarted documentary "Viva Amiga" by Zach Weddington

At the Light Research Program of Thomas Jefferson University, I explore the biological effects of light on humans. Our research involves everything from nighttime light exposure and cancer to Seasonal Affective Disorder and assisting with development of lighting environments for the International Space Station. We've worked on grants through NIH, NCI, NASA, NSBRI, DOE and with major companies in the lighting industry such as Philips, Panasonic and OSRAM.

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