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Brisbane, Australia

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Mia is a filmmaker and photographer based in Australia.

Her short films have been officially selected at international film festivals, including the forthcoming BAFTA recognized Aesthetica Short Film Festival. Her films have been honoured with a awards and a number of accolades. Her music video work has been screened on ABC's Rage and nominated for a Queensland Music Award, as well as been a finalist at the West End Film Festival.

Mia is a soon-to-be-graduate of Griffith Film School, with a postgraduate degree in film specializing in directing, where she was recently awarded Most Outstanding Director. Mia also studied Jazz Flute at the Queensland Conservatorium.

Mia’s work traverses a variety of genres and platforms, and is known for her visually evocative directorial style and bold approach to storytelling.

Mia is interested in music videos and collaborating with like minded writers / producers for future short and feature work.

Contact: mia4rest(at)gmail(dot)com

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