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Victoria Duchatelle was born on a warm day of July 1993 in the suburbs of Paris where she grew building a strange, fantastic and often disturbing world. Sitting on the moon with an attentiv eye on the earth she spent her childhood and teenage drawing strange creatures, writting a science fiction story and filming little crazy shorts in the style of George Méliès.

Filming, drawing, writting... Many ways are good for her to express herself and tell the stories she wants to tell.

Her inspirations are so many that they would never fit on this page but amoung the recurent elements of her universe are: introspection, psychologie, society and anthropologie, astronomy, dreams, nostalgie, nature, the body, the brain, madness.

After 3years of studies in graphic arts at l'Ecole Boulle in Paris and 2semesters at the International Film School of Paris, aged 18, she directed in 2012 her first official short movie "Flawless".

Currently she is studiing Graphic Design at Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris. She is working on several Beaux Arts projects and on two Stop Motion Animation shorts films.

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