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momentary people burst into being from the minds of a group of motion monkeys, all with a fundamental passion to explore expressions of movement in all its varied narrative and abstract forms.

we are essentially a bunch of people who love doing s%&t and making it move!

momentary people's founding members, though not necessarily restricted to just these three, are Guy Wolstenholme, Neil Copland and Glen Yeoh.

We have all come from diversity of backgrounds, dipping our toes in all manner of motion based projects.
Explorations in theatre projection/performance, stop motion, 2D/3D animation, interactive augmented reality, all make the list of our general repertoire of experience.

In an age where access to a diversity of information is essential, we fully embrace the possibility of merging brains with others across the globe, to mash it up and spew out a torrent of exciting work.


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