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Born in Paris, lived in North Carolina, New York City, Portland Oregon, and in Paris
Photosensitive epilepsy, a lifetime condition, has shaped my life since childhood and thus my artwork.
I do photography
and I am working in a film project, a trilogy about photosensitive epileptic seizures, YSPELIPE PROJECT. I am currently working on the first film "How does it feel like to have a seizure as a photosensitive epileptic?"
This project is meant to help people talk about epilepsy, it is an outreach to my light sensitive epileptic fellows out there, and mainly a private therapy. And to share my answer the best way I could : visually.

Among other things, I teach English, I consult on translation, art distribution for films and graphic novels, book design is a big interest of mine, music is a full time drug, I even make my own.

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