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Hi, I am Roberto De Jesus and I'm a director based out of Los Angeles. For the past decade I've worked for some of the most successful storytellers in the industry. Out of those experiences, I have learned the importance of defining a point of view. Story structures do not change much throughout time, but the point of view through which those stories are told is the main variable. My purpose with this page is to express my point of view and express the fusion of both North American and Hispanic cultures. I like to highlight the romantic side of subjects and infuse my photography with colors that stress such romance. Poetry and Magical Realism are two of my literary passions. As a result, I believe when I mix my visually vibrant Hispanic culture with the sarcastic tone of North American culture, I can build a powerful and moving point of view. I'm always looking to learn and collaborate so I can keep refining my point of view. This is a new and exciting approach to my way of storytelling. Let’s team up and explore new ways we can tell the same stories.

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