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Artist/Painter/Filmmaker, Steve Childs is best known for his figurative paintings of dancers and portraits. He has painted the human form and figure for 40 years. He has been featured in International Artist, The Portrait Signature, Dance Magazine, and twice featured in American Artist. He has been interviewed by numerous other publications including USA Today, Art of the West and The Artist's Magazine. His work was included in the Salon International 2003 and 2004 exhibitions. He has been a juror for many competitions including the International Portrait Competition.

FILM BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: In 2007 Steve Childs directed his first feature-length documentary And We Will Dance which won the Audience Choice Award at the Real to Reel International Film Festival. And We Will Dance was also selected for fiscal sponsorship in 2008 by the San Francisco Film Society.
Since then Childs has created, produced, directed, filmed and edited over 60 short videos/films which can be seen on his various YouTube channels and his clients’ websites.

He directed/produced the official music video “Ocean Apart” for The Bayonets which screened at the Indie Grits Film Festival. He directed/produced the official music video for Fox & the Phoenix.

Childs recently directed a series of nine videos including his first whiteboard animation for the marketing agency Trupoint Marketing which told the stories and philosophy of that company and its employees.

In September, 2013 Childs was director of photography for the short film “Night Music” about Chopin’s music and the visual arts that reflect those compositions. In November, 2013 as Producer/Editor Childs completed the documentary Dog Down. In March, 2014 Childs completed his documentary Dancing In Angel Shadows about angels and dance based on Gary Taylor's choreography.

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  • Dog Down - Documentary film-- Together, dog and man discover what they could not find alone: healing from their past, purpose in the present, freedom for their future. Dog Down. Man Up. Win-Win.
  • Dancing in Angel Shadows - A film by director Steve Childs, explores the story behind the creation of a ballet by choreographer Gary Taylor


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