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“Charlie provides composition for award winning film, television and media productions. Lover of the Yorkshire pudding.” [EIFF Industry Guide 2013]

I write soundtracks, play with musicians, work with orchestrators, produce with electronica-heads, record and produce bands.


“Charlie is a very talented composer who delivered some evocative and beautiful music in a wide range of styles for FUTURE OF FOOD a BBC2 series looking at food production around the world.”

- Gareth Williams, Series Producer, BBC

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work on the music, it all worked brilliantly. Let’s do it all again sometime soon.”

- Robin Barnwell, Producer/ Director, BBC Panorama

“Charlie’s musical compositions are spot on. It always amazes me how much he “gets” the brief – and then adds something else that goes beyond what I’d hoped for.

Stylistically nothing seems beyond his reach from classical to pop, humour to melancholy. A big thumbs up from me – looking forward to the next project.”

- Alastair Mills, Senior Creative at AKQA

“Thanks again Charlie for the music – nailed it in one go, impressive! “

- Will Adams, Creative Director/ Co-founder, Once Were Farmers Ltd.

“I know I’m repeating myself, but thanks again for all your help – the music is working really well.”

-Sam Ferguson, film director (Nominated for BAFTA New Talent Award 2013)

“THE SCORE…sounds GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for putting that all together so last minute! You’re a music making wizard genius man! .”

-Jessica Ashman, Animator (Winner of BAFTA New Talent 2011)

“Charlie, just watched it back and couldn’t be happier. You’ve bloody nailed it sir. What a privilege to see it come together like that! Feel like celebrating!”

- Gordon Napier, film director.

“Thanks so much for your help in such an enjoyable project. Look forward to our next collaboration!”

- Dr. Kimho Ip, Composer, creative producer and conductor.

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