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Paris, France

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La Féline is a dream pop project led by singer and guitarist Agnès Gayraud and based in Paris, France. It evokes Brigitte Fontaine or Jean-Louis Murat for the finely crafted lyrics, Julee Cruise or Liz Frazer for the innocent yet sensual vocals and Deux or the Young Marble Giants for the minimal synthetic sounds. The aim is to create a delicately enveloping musical experience where profound French lyrics melt with guitars and electronic landscapes. In the past Agnès has collaborated with both Parisian electronic musician Mondkopf and legendary French singer Christophe, and her work builds a bridge between these two worlds – songwriting and the special attention to the atmosphere created by sounds in themselves. To her, pop music represents a way of accessing the deepest feelings through immediate sensations and Adieu L’Enfance, her forthcoming album produced and arranged with Xavier Thiry (who also records under the name Hello Kurt), is a collection of dressed-to-the-nines songs dealing with this paradox.


  1. The Matter of Contradiction
  2. timothee collignon