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Springfield, Missouri

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"Flashy words make the world turn but it really doesn't turn right."

Born and raised in Lincoln, NE amidst a rough upbringing I defied the odds. As a product of an American epidemic, living in a fatherless single parent household, I was faced with tough choices and one of the toughest decisions was when I chose to move out at the age of sixteen. At sixteen, the place I used to call home turned into a host of domestic violence, an already absent older sister, and drug addiction. Never once giving into drugs or a destructive lifestyle I chose to rise above my circumstances and make a life of my own.

On a journey of redemptive value, relationships have been mended with family members who have made one-eighty changes in their lifestyles. With a history of less than impressive grades through high school combined with financial hindrances I thought a college education was out of reach. Little did I know, with much focus and determination I was fully capable of performing academically on a collegiate level.

Thus far, with a passion to make a difference I have received such honors as Missouri State Freshman of The Year Award, collegiate handball accolades of Sportsmanship, All-American, All-International, Open Doubles Champion, several team titles, and qualifing professionally.

Maintaining a GPA of 3.2, I received a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) at Missouri State University, graduating May 2011. Additionally, I was accepted into the Missouri State Legislative Internship program where I served as an intern for Senator Bob Dixon who represents the 30th district in Springfield at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri. After graduating I started as a Youth Care Specialist at Great Circle with Boys & Girls Town of Missouri. Boys & Girls Town of Missouri is a nationally accredited organization that provides extensive treatment through residential, foster care case management, outreach and family therapy programs for at-risk youths with a history of abuse, neglect, severe behavior disorders and psychological problems.

Most recently, I took on a new job with Community Partnership of the Ozarks as a Community Development Specialist. I primarily work with three local middle schools, assessing needs and implementing strategies to address those needs, secure and leverage resources, and administrate and facilitate the Caring Communities initiative.

I could never have made the choices that lead me on the path that I’m on today without the love and supporting cast of my wife, Katherine, friends, family, and most of all my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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