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I am editor of Truth to Tell on Crikey in Australia. The blog is dedicated to documentaries and non-fiction books. Please contact me if you have a doco you'd like reviewed or if you have any news or tips that might be useful

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  1. I would like to feature this doco on a radio program I guest on here in Australia. Can the producers contact me via replying to this comment. Thx J
  2. Beautifully produced. A shame its not longer, feature length, and with a stronger narrative line. Great work though and important to see the human face of Afghanistan. Hopefully you can use this to get funding for a longer piece. Great work!
  3. Hi there. I review docos here in Australia, both in print with a dedicated blog which is being put together with a major online media outlet - launching in a few weeks - and on ABC radio on a weekly spot. Can I get more details on this doco and possibly…