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Your Life On Film, is a documentary about you! Your life, your loved ones, your stories, your escapades, your memories in a compilation of interviews, home-video footage, photographs, music and contextual footage from news and historical archives on film. It is a unique and truly memorable gift that will connect your family’s past to its present and delight future generations.
Over time, even the most vivid stories and memories fade. Most of our lives are recorded only in a shoebox full of snapshots and the occasional album. In the end, a few photographs, letters, important documents and souvenirs are all that remain of once vibrant lives. Who is left to tell the stories, sing the songs and recount the adventures? Imagine being able to turn on your television and share the wisdom and humor of your parents with future generations, in their own voices. Through the telling of their experiences, hopes, dreams, obstacles and accomplishments, your family and friends can relive the events that shaped their lives and bring the past into the present.

Your Life On Film is the best way to permanently safeguard and highlight precious memories: Family photographs and films on 8mm or VHS are permanently digitized, the only way for those who want to preserve their life story for generations to come. Sabine Anton, who has spent a lifetime as a broadcast journalist and documentarian, can bring your family’s story to life. In her illustrious career, Anton has interviewed leaders from myriad fields, from business (Donald Trump) to politics (Mayor Michael Bloomberg) to actors and celebrities (Bruce Willis, Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere). She brings these interviewing skills to her documentaries, helping her subjects recall events long forgotten. Coming to New York City over a decade ago, Anton began to work as a reporter and producer for RTL, Europe’s market-leading television network. Anton’s expertise has been recognized by the International Academy Television Arts & Sciences, and she proudly serves as a judge for the International EMMY Awards.
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