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* Mary Beth Koeth was born on June 2nd, 1982 in Ohio.
* She’s the youngest of five kids whose names all begin with M...she’s still not sure why her parents, Mike and Marlene, thought that was a good idea.
* Her parents moved to Texas when she was one, and she quickly embraced the Texas uniform: cowboy boots and a slight food stain on the lower bottom corner of her shirt.
* She survived Catholic elementary and grade school despite the fact that she told a priest during confession that she had robbed a bank.
* Koeth went to an all-girls college prep where she spent the majority of her time in the darkroom sniffing hazardous chemicals and forgetting to shave her legs.
* She was a vegetarian for eight years...then lemon chicken happened.
* She spent three and a half years at Texas Tech University and a semester in Florence dreaming about hot make-out sessions in the darkroom, but came out with a Design Communication degree instead.
* Armed with visions of power suits and briefcases, Mary Beth moved to Kansas City to work as a designer for Hallmark Cards.
* She later moved overseas to further her greeting card design skills with Hallmark UK.
* Koeth spent her weekends traveling Europe with a camera in hand and soon realized her goal of going back to school to pursue photography seemed fathomable.
* She spent two and a half months in Norway assisting photographer, Nancy Bundt and observing tall, blond men.
* She now lives out of two suitcases and calls the freak show that is Miami ‘home’.

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