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  1. Daniel, I shoot on a Canon 60D with a TASCAM DR-05 to record audio, and an Audio-Techica AT-897 shotgun mic. I have experienced the hiss that you're describing when using an XLR to 1/8" miniplug adapter cable, which I plugged into the DR-05. Here's…
  2. Thanks Tom, the subject is as close to the mic as possible, however still not ideal and the sound could be improved. I have tried getting the mic VERY close, and anything more than 2 feet seems to cause problems. Thanks for the reply, I'll work…
  3. if the subject is not near the mic, you are not going to get a good recording. The NTG-2 isn't very sensitive at the best of times. A better pre-amp will help, but will not be ideal. Noise reduction may suffice for now, but you need to find a better…